Having Chickens is relatively easy when compared to having other pets.  There are a few things to think about before getting chickens.  First, what are the laws in your area.  Almost all rural areas allow chickens.  Laws in city’s are slowly changing and more are allowing small backyard flocks.  These city’s normally allow 2 – 5 hens but don’t allow roosters.  You also want to talk to your neighbors and let them know you are getting chickens, and, if they are lucky, they will get some eggs.  Next you need to prepare to get the chickens by getting a chicken coop and preparing a brooder for the chicks.  Along with getting supplies such as feed, bedding, a feeder and a waterer. You then need to think about what breed, or breeds of chicken you would like to get.  This will depend on why you are getting chickens.  Some breeds are better for eggs, and some do better in the cold.  Check out our favorite breeds page to help you pick.  We also have some great advice on raising chicks here which will help get you started.  Once you are up and running come back to look at our chicken advice page, and feel free to ask us any questions about raising chickens that you might have.