Your chickens need to be protected from the elements.  To be more specific, they need to be protected from predators as well as the weather.  There are many animals that would love a chicken dinner and it is your job as their sole protector to keep this from happening.  First and foremost you need to make sure your chickens are locked up at night.  If you only have a coop, you need to have a secure door that is locked.  The coop has to be made of solid materials that animals can’t exploit.  If you have a chicken run connected to the coop, you need to make sure it is securely locked.  Our coops accomplish all of this and more, check them out by clicking here.  Chickens have been bread to be good at laying eggs, not bread to escape predators.  Chickens are night blind, and don’t have much of a chance at night against predators.  Once again, you need to think of your chickens as pets, you are their protector, they take care of you with eggs, compost, entertainment and education for your family, you need to protect them so they can continue giving.