Mini Combo         –    $645          3 1/2′  x  7′  x  4 1/2′ tall            Houses 3 chickens

Extended Mini      –    $745         3 1/2′  x  11′  x  4 1/2′ tall           Houses 6 chickens

Combo Coop       –    $845           3 1/2′  x  11′  x  6′ tall                Houses 6 chickens

Large Combo      –  $1,045              5′  x  11′  x  6′ tall                   Houses 9 chickens


To see our other 3 styles of chicken coops visit our products page.

This is our newest coop design.  It integrates a coop and run in one complete product.  It is large enough to walk into.  As with our other coops, all exterior wood is cedar, which resists rot and decay naturally.  The roof is metal and has a 30 year life.  All the locks are also metal and are very secure.  Everything is included; window, nest boxes, roost bars and a removable cleaning tray.  It comes standard with welded wire fencing and you can upgrade to hardware cloth for $95.  If you have any questions or would like to place an order go to our contact us page.

Chicken Coop - Compost Bin - Combo 2     Chicken Coop - Compost Bin - Combo 1

These two pictures show a Combo Coop with an integrated Compost Bin.

Inside Combo Coop 1     Inside Combo Coop 2

Inside Combo Coop 3     Chicken Coop Lock


Combo Coop Washougal River 1     Combo Coop Washougal River 2



Combo Coop WW 1     Combo Coop WW 2

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order please contact us here.