Chickens: What They Love to Eat

If you haven’t already figured it out, chickens will eat almost anything.  They love all kinds of table scraps that you normally put in the compost, or heaven forbid, throw out.  You shouldn’t worry too much about giving them something that might be bad for them.  This urban myth is kicking around on the Internet.  One of my favorites is that ‘potato peels will kill your chickens.’  Yes, if they eat a few pounds of them they might die.  Just like most wild animals, chickens have a natural instinct for what is good for them and what is bad.  This is why I said you don’t need to worry about what you feed them.  If it’s not good, they will stay away.

Chickens will go wild for tomatoes, grapes, apple cores, pears, greens, breads, pasta, etc.  They don’t like citric or hard vegetables, and that is about it.  If you make a little too much spaghetti for dinner give it to the chickens they love it.  After you finish eating an apple, give the core to the chickens.  Your chickens become a renewable garbage disposal.  You give them table scraps, which in your eyes are just unusable food, and you get eggs, and the best fertilizer in the world.  That sounds like a great deal to me.

The more chicken scraps you give them the less feed they will eat, which will save you money.  Don’t overdo it on the table scraps though; a little every day is great.  They still need to eat some of their feed, which has some basic essentials that might not be in your table scraps.

It seems that my chickens favorite treat is oatmeal, that has been cooked, mixed with yogurt.  They go CRAZY!  Yes, I do make them this every now and again, they do become like pets.  Feel free to share any thoughts about what your chickens like to eat.

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