Having Chickens is relatively easy when compared to having other pets. The main thing that you need to remember is that you are the caretaker of your chickens.  You need to make sure that the feeder is full of food, and the waterer is clean and full.  Give them the environment your chickens need to thrive.  The more space the better.  The best feed you can find.  Also give them some love and affection like any other pet.  We like to turn our compost for the chickens.  They love it!  It seems like they can eat more worms than their stomachs can hold.  Mainly try to treat them more like pets than just egg producers.  They should be viewed the same as cats and dogs.  In fact they give you more, with their eggs and compost.  Bottom line, if you treat them right, they should take very little in terms of time and effort.