Are Brown Eggs Healthier Than White Eggs?

It seems that a large number of people feel that brown eggs are somehow better for you than white eggs.  This is the main reason they command a higher price at the grocery store.  This urban myth turns out not to be true at all.  Eggs come in a variety of colors, from brown and white to blue, green and even pink.  The color of an egg shell is a sole result of the breed of the chicken, and not the health of the egg.  By health of the egg I am referring to the taste and nutritional content of it.  This solely has to do with the diet of the chicken.  The more fresh food chickens eat (bugs, worms, seeds, greens, etc.), the healthier the eggs.  The best way to get healthy, tasty eggs is to have your own chickens, or know someone who does.  Like your parents always told you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Now you know.

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