• Burning Chicken

  • We are a small family owned, community oriented company. Our products are completely built right here in the USA. Every year we donate a number of our products to different charitable organizations. The majority of the materials that we use are bought locally, helping the local economy. Our mission is to improve the food supply by helping others generate healthy food right in their own backyards. Producing food at home allows people to understand and control the growing conditions of the food they serve to their families. All of our products are built using the highest quality, long lasting materials, such as cedar wood for years of productive use. The longevity of our products means that fewer materials will be consumed over the lifetime of our products. We design and build our products with great pride, care, and quality as if they were our own. We focus on quality products that will last. We are also always willing to answer any question you might have, even if you don't plan to buy our products but are curious about chickens. With our products if you are not completely satisfied, we are not happy.